"Music Is a Life Sport" - D. Cunningham


RED & GRAY came about out of the necessity for a group name to be used in conjunction with a couple of songs written by Tom McMeekan and Don Cunningham that were submitted for inclusion on one of the numerous compilation CDs produced by the Boise Blues Society.  Don has (had) red hair and Tom has gray hair and so viola, 'Red & Gray' it was. They performed as an acoustic duo for several years before inviting old friend LeAnne Town to record some harmony vocals on some new songs.  It sounded to good that she was invited to join the group.  Drummer extraordinaire Lawson Hill is featured on their CDs and at electric shows. Since a new name never really came to them, they're still called Red & Gray. They continue to record and perform whenever they can in the Boise area.

Samples: No More Yesterdays (copyright 2006 T. McMeekan)  Trouble (copyright 2006 L. Town )                                      Some People (copyright 2006 D. Cunningham)  All songs published by MYSTRIONIC MUSIC (ASCAP)